JOE GOODE “Rehabilitation”

Hamilton Press has completed a suite of prints in collaboration with Joe Goode, entitled “Rehabilitation”. Each of the 15 lithographs represent a period in Goode’s career. Those familiar with the incredible works he has done over the last 40 years will recognize the images, such as “Milk Bottle”, “Clouds”, “Waterfall” etc. However, it doesn’t take familarity to discern the beauty of each of the lithographs.

The artist provided photographs of 15 paintings that had been destroyed in a fire in his studio. The photographs were printed in black, and the artist then applied washes which were printed in various colors. All the prints are housed in a cloth covered box (not shown), foil stamped with Goode’s signature, and collaged with a photograph. The box was made by Portfoliobox of Rhode Island. The suite was printed between 2005 and 2009.

Each print is 14.5” X 12.75”
Printed on Shojoshi Japanese handmade Washi paper
Edition of 20
The price for the portfolio is $9,000. There are some separate artist’s proofs available for $850 a piece.