On the occasion of the exhibit Ed Ruscha/Raymond Pettibon: “The Holy Bible and The End” Hamilton Press made sure about 50 of our friends were able to make the trip from Venice to Pomona via bus.

Robbie Conal & Deborah Ross

Artist Robbie Conal with Deborah Ross

Parris Patton & Paige Wery

Artist Parris Patton enjoys the company of artist Paige Wery.

Mikel Alatza & Christina Giffen

Artist Mikel Alatza rides happily with photographer Christina Giffen.

Joanne Northrup, Victor Gastelum and Philo Northrup

Joanne Northrup, Senior Curator at San Jose Museum of Art, enjoys a beverage while keeping artist Victor Gastelum and husband Philo Northrup amused.

Heather Harman & George Herms

Heather Harmon of Patricia Faure Gallery chats with artist George Herms on the bus to Pomona.

Mikel Alatza, Todd, Julie Duvic and Mark Licari

Mikel Alatza waits to take a photo of Todd Squires, Julie Duvic, and Mark Licari as they prepare to go into the museum.

Pomona Museum of Art

The Pomona Museum of Art, Ed Ruscha and Raymond Pettibon show entitled “The Holy Bible and The End”


The trip back to Venice finds Ed Moses and friend, Jane, shoes off and feet up.