Hamilton Press came into being in 1990, as a result of a collaboration between Tamarind Master Printer, Ed Hamilton, and Los Angeles Artist and avid printmaker, Ed Ruscha. The two had worked together on about 40 prints, and both had a great respect for the idea of producing original artworks in a multiple form.

The printer and artist worked out what they thought would be the best situation for the creation of art in this medium, which would be limited to traditional lithography. The concept of the business would be to encourage artists, both new to printmaking and those already familiar with the process, to produce art in a peaceful, unhurried atmosphere. The Press opened its doors in a small space on Washington Blvd (soon to become Abbot Kinney Blvd) in Venice, California.

The press still occupies the same space it did in 1990; however, with a rich abundance of prints, it was felt that more room was needed. In 2001 an adjoining space became available and a gallery was added to showcase the art of the lithograph and the talent of the artists who have adapted so well to the medium. Hamilton Press Gallery is open by appointment.

Ed Hamilton functions as printer, rolling out inks and bringing to life the hand-drawn works of those published. But the star of the operation is the imagination and creativity of the artist. It is to that spirit of creativity and cooperation in business and art that this website is dedicated.